1. What is Fit Miss Tea?

Fitmiss Tea was conceived by the idea to improve the lives of women all over the world. No matter what walk of life we come from we are all women and we all deserve to experience a healthy and happy existence. Fitmiss Tea lays the groundwork for our customers to do just this! Our all natural herbal blends promote wellness throughout your body with each sip. We also place a heavy emphasis on each and every woman to get out and be active while eating well-balanced meals full of nutrition. In a world full of get rich quick schemes and health ploys FitMiss Tea stands alone balanced on the foundation of genuine service and quality products.

  1. What are the benefits of the Cleanse?

Beau-Tea Benefits:

-Speeds up metabolism

-Fat Loss

-Clears Skin

-Cleanses Body

-Boost Energy

-Reduce Bloating

Tea-Stress Benefits

-Cleanses Body

-Boost Energy

-Reduce Bloating

-Reduce Stress

-Relax Body

*To see an in depth breakdown of our ingredients and benefits click here

  1. Is the Cleanse okay to take if I’m pregnant?

Yes! Our tea is an all natural herbal supplement.
We do always advise that you speak to your doctor first. Or even bring him a sample to try from themselves! =)


  1. How do I become a Fit Miss Influencer?

To become a Fit Miss influncer email Fitmisstea@gmail.com with “ FMT Influencer” in the subject and tell us why you’d like to be apart of the Fit Miss Team.


  1. How can I join the #FitMissClub?

We are here to be with you in your fitness journey no matter what stage you are in. We are a group of women who are striving to be the best we can. Join the #FitMissClub mailing list to get special discounts, tips from our Fit Miss Formula newsletters,  updates on events, and first look at new collections!


Take pictures with the tea or in your FitMiss Gear and hashtag #FitMissClub in your caption for a chance to be featured on our instagram  page!


  1. How do I use the infuser?

Fill the infuser with 1-2 tsp of Beau-tea into the infuser then put the top on and put the infuser into one cup (8oz) of hot water for 3-5 minutes, remove infuser and enjoy!


  1. How long will it take to ship?

Shipping takes 3-7 business days