14-Day Fit Miss Tea

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Our super popular, all natural, herbal supplement tea helps kick that bloated and sluggish feeling so you can get back on track. The tea blend is hand made with the best ingredients to fight that bloating feeling & help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. 

The 14-day FitMiss starter pack includes our 2 most special blends. It will include 14-day beau-tea loose leaf tea & the delicious tea-stress blend.


PRODUCT INFO: The tea will help you get rid of toxins that are built up in your body. It will NATURALLY aid your body in the detoxification process. You will soon have natural energy after drinking the cleanse among many other amazing benefits. 


Beau-Tea Benefits: 

-Speeds up metabolism

-Clears Skin

-Cleanses Body

-Boost Energy

- Fat Loss 

-Reduce Bloating

Tea-Stress Benefits 

-Cleanses Body

-Boost Energy

-Reduce Bloating

-Reduce Stress

-Relax Body


Beau-Tea Blend: rose flower, jasmine flower, lemon grass, oolong tea, puer tea, goji berries, sencha green tea, ginger root, celery leaf, nettle leaves, peppermint

Tea-Stress Blend: dandelion leaf, peppermint, fennel seeds, liquorice root, senna leaf, rhubarb, stevia leaf

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