See Why Everyone is Switching to FitMissTea

See Why Everyone is Switching to FitMissTea


Are you on the fence about teatoxes? Good! You should be.

Here is a look at what most tea companies WON’T tell you about their products.

How do tea companies promise fast weight loss with tea?

Senna leaf is the natural root that is used as a laxative in most teatoxes and is safe to use in small doses however, several tea companies have been abusing this ingredient to get fast UNHEALTHY results. They are taking advantage of the women that want to better themselves and live a healthier lifestyle and ultimately making them sick!

Most tea companies use up to 50% senna leaf in their teas. Long term use of Senna leaf in such high dosages can have serious side effects including laxative dependence and liver damage. There have been reports of women fainting from dehydration, vomiting, uncontrollable diarrhea, and in severe cases hospitalization. Don’t be fooled by the tea companies that promise you an overnight banging body. This is NOT what a teatox is meant to do.  Our tea has less than 20% senna leaf and is combined with several other healthy packed ingredients. (Take a look inside FitMissTea: Ingredients List)

Detoxing is meant to be a gentle process, not a bathroom trip from hell! Our body already naturally detoxifies. We are dedicated to give you safe results that will help you reach your fitness goals. Which is why we don’t sell the dream of “Use our tea for 30 days and be skinny” foolishness. We don’t want to just be with you for 30 days, we want to impact you for a lifetime. Which is why we have bundle deals that include workout plans and meal guides. We want to give our FitMiss Club all the keys to living a happy & healthy life. We don’t believe skinny means healthy and we are here to help you along you Fitness Journey. FitMiss Tea is all about body positivity, active life style, healthy diet, and SAFE tea that is absolutely tea-licious!

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